The Roofing Process Made Simple


We make the roofing process simple. You’ll enjoy the security of a Highline roof and appreciate our rapid process, clean job site and quick turnarounds. We provide a streamlined process of dealing with your insurance company. This combines to provide you a headache free installation with little to no inconvenience to your daily routine.

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The Highline Process

EstimateNever pay for an estimate–no legitimate roofing company will charge you for this. Hightide Roofing’s estimates are free, and you are under no obligation.

Our experienced roofing technician will come assess roof damage to see if you qualify for an insurance claim and measure your roof.

Our experienced technician personally handles all estimates. We assure you that there will be no hard sell tactics and that we will give you a competitive price delivered in a professional, written estimate that’s valid for 30 days or longer if manufacturer prices don’t change.

Between work and family, you have a busy schedule. While you are more than welcome to schedule your estimate when you are home, we don’t insist that you are present for the estimate. With your permission we can evaluate and measure your roof without you having to be present. Then we can review your estimate when your schedule best permits. We want to make the process easy and convenient for you.

Feel free to check references on Hightide Roofing. We’ll even let you know some addresses in the area where you can see the roofing materials, our quality of our work and colors options in the “real” world.

Roofing Company Fort WorthThe next step is meeting with your insurance adjuster. We like to be on-site whenever possible to meet with the adjuster to ensure you get the full amount of coverage you are due. We consult with your adjuster and can typically give you the amount of deductible for which you are responsible at that meeting

Your insurance adjuster will cut you an initial check. If you have a home mortgage, oftentimes the mortgage company’s name will be on the check, as well. This acts as insurance to your mortgage company that the check will actually be used for securing the roofing job for the house they are financing. You will need to sign the check over to Highline for us to secure materials and schedule your job. If you mortgage company’s name is on the check, we can help you make arrangements to get them to sign it over to Highline Roofing, as well. This is a standard practice in Texas, so it is simple and easy.

Dallas Fort Worth roofingWe will contact to you schedule a time for your project to launch. Highline Roofing is typically able to begin your roofing project quickly after meeting with your insurance adjuster. We’ll let you know when materials will be dropped off and where we will place them. Materials are dropped off the day before your installation crew arrives to maximize their efficiency and minimize your roofing job’s length.

IMG_5513Our Highline Roofing crew arrives at your home in the morning. Our first action is to put all the tarps and plywood in place needed to protect your home. We then begin removing the existing materials from the roof and carefully discarding them. We pride ourselves on keeping a clean jobsite throughout the process.

After removal, we inspect your decking to make sure there is no damage or dry rot present. This is something your insurance adjuster cannot determine during his or her inspection. If additional decking is needed, we contact your insurance adjuster to let them know this to gain approval. Next, we check, replace or reseal all the flashing seals around vents and pipe penetrations (such as flue pipes
for water heaters, furnaces, kitchen hoods, and plumbing vents for
sinks, toilets, etc.)

Once the decking is inspected and all penetrations are sealed, we replace the waterproofing underlayment as a leak barrier. Most roofing material will allow some water to penetrate, so some form of leak barrier is required under roofs. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of 15‐pound felt (also referred to as A.S.T.M., tar paper or roofing membrane), but Highline Roofing installs a minimum of 30‐pound A.S.T.M. felt underlayment. On many projects, we are able to upgrade to a synthetic underlay at no additional cost to you.

Next the shingles themselves are installed with an overlap. The top shingle overlaps the lower shingle to always keep water on top of the shingles. Highline Roofing crews uses 4+ nails per shingle and adds an extra nail in high wind areas. Per the manufacturer and most local building codes, the nail is required to be 1.25” long. If you look in your attic, you will see the penetration of the nails from above–this is normal.

The peaks or ridges of your roof and the hips will be finished last, ensuring you have a sound roof with a finished look with added dimension.

nail clean upWe strive to keep your home as clean as possible throughout the process. As some large roofing jobs require two days, our crews clean up each evening including using magnetized tools to remove any nails that might have fallen off the roof.

Final Clean UpA poorly installed roof may not be obvious until there’s a leak or other problem. But a lousy clean up job is immediately noticeable.

Highline Roof knows this, and does not skimp on the final 
clean up. When the your Highline Roof is 
complete, you should not find any debris on your property. This 
means all debris and any excess materials are to be removed from 
the roof and the grounds of your property.

We check our work throughout and our owner or sales staff does a final review of the installation to make sure no detail was missed.

If you have any concerns at the conclusion of the project, please let us know immediately as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Dallas roofing warrantyWe send our final invoice to your insurance company, who reviews it and issues you a final check. When you receive this check, we ask that you promptly notify us so we can come pick up this final payment.

We stand by our installation and manufacturer’s warranties. If you have any concerns about the integrity of your roof, please call us.

A vast majority of our business is by word of mouth. We have been able to serve as North Texas’ select roofing company since 1993. We stand by our work and appreciate any referrals you provide us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with your Highline roof.

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